Vision Statement

May 11, 2013

1. A Christ-Centered, Scripture-Based Life

a. We believe that Jesus not only forgives our sins and saves us, but He desires to
transform us, that we may live happy, healthy and obedient lives.
b. As Adventists we have been called to take the Gospel message (that Jesus is
coming soon) to our community. We believe the scriptures provide us with a
special end-time message as described in Revelation 14.

2. Family

a. We value the importance of nurturing a meaningful relationship with God. We
acknowledge that we are broken and lack the skills to fix ourselves. We will
provide opportunities for people to heal and grow in Christ.

b. We value inclusiveness. All are welcome to worship with us. Our spiritual and
social activities are designed to strengthen personal and family values.

c. We invest our best resources towards teaching our children to love, obey and
serve God. Our children are best prepared to face the challenges of life when
their spiritual instruction is supported at home, at church and through Christian

3. Victorious Living

a. Making positive lifestyle choices: Christ imparts to us His grace and salvation,
but our relationship with our Lord does not end there. Christ desires to
transform our lives that we may experience happy, healthy, victorious living.
We will provide resources that will help individuals grow in Christ.

b. Good financial practices / stewardship: We value God’s promise to bless those
who are faithful stewards. We will support the gospel work and ministry of this
church through the faithful return of our tithes and offerings. We will provide
resources, information and training that will help us all become more faithful

4. Discipleship

a. We will encourage each individual to identify their spiritual gifts and assist in
finding a place to utilize those gifts in service and ministry towards others.

b. We believe in and support outreach not only to our community but also, as we
have opportunity, around the world.