Light Bearers Convocation, July 3-7

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Twelve books, twelve men, one message of hope written over a 400-year period. The Minor Prophets cover the history of Israel from pre-exile in Babylon to the return to Jerusalem (about 800 BC to 400 BC). They brought God’s people messages of judgment, hope, and salvation. The Minor Prophets spoke not only for God, but of God. Glimpses of Calvary, promises of salvation, and proclamations of God’s everlasting love are contained in every book.

The rich prophetic pictures of God’s gracious loving heart from the Minor Prophets beckon us forward. Their solemn warnings, merciful judgments, and loving calls to repentance are inextricably blended with prophetic images of Jesus.

We’re going to have a feast in July, and we hope you’ll join us.

July 3-7, 2018 in Jasper, Oregon.

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