Why  attend church?

Is it to gain more knowledge?  Yes,  but you can also obtain Biblical knowledge by staying at home and studying on your own.

Do you attend to be inspired by a sermon?   I hope you are inspired by every worship service you attend at our church, but I cannot deny the fact that it is possible to stay home and watch excellent religious broadcasting on satellite downlinks such as 3ABN and HOPE CHANNEL which often feature the best of Adventist speakers.

Do you come to church so you can give your offerings and tithe?  I hope that is part of your routine, but here again I would mention that it is possible to contribute  to the church without ever attending a church service.

All of the benefits of church (mentioned above) can be received without ever stepping through one of our doors (but don’t quit coming!).  But … there is one important aspect of church that you cannot get while sitting at home on Sabbath morning:  FELLOWSHIP.

Church is all about fellowship – making friends, being a friend – being blessed and giving a blessing to others.   There is just no way to benefit from fellowship except to be in the presence of others.  Fellowship is a basic need that television will never satisfy.

So I invite you, come and join our Sabbath (Saturday)  morning fellowship!  Come and make new friends.   Come and be blessed.  Come and experience God’s presence manifested through the lives of others who have come together to worship their God and their Creator.

Pastor Greg Middlestetter