Our Pastor

I remember the day that I got a call from a good friend who was a pastor of a church in southern Oregon. He wanted to know whether or not I was interested in serving as his associate pastor. I said, “I’ll pray about it”. A month later he called again. He asked, “Have you been praying about it?” I had to confess that I had not been too earnest with my petition for guidance from the Lord. Yes, I was interested, but I was certain my wife would not be open this sort of career change. I also had to admit that I hadn’t even mentioned the job inquiry to my wife, but now, with my friend on the other end of the phone line I agreed to discuss the the proposal with my wife … and to spend some time in prayer over the matter.

When I told my wife (Shirley) about my two phone conversations she said, “That’s interesting, I’ve been thinking that maybe you should look into getting into the ministry”. I had business management schooling, I had been very involved with church leadership as a lay pastor preaching in church districts that did not have the benefit of a full-time pastor each week.

Later, Shirley and I attended a prayer conference where we solicited many other to join with us in praying that God would make it clear as to whether or not the ministry was where God wanted us to be. The answer from the Lord came back as a very clear “Yes”. And so, here we are, sixteen years later pastoring at the Eugene Adventist Church. The pastoral journey has been a very rewarding one for us. We have been enriched by all the new friends we have made at the various churches we have served (Medford, East Salem, Sandy, and now Eugene). We have never regretted making the career move, and have also marveled at how my previous business administration experiences have provided the necessary insight necessary to manage some of the challenges that have come along the way.

Shirley is a registered nurse who has worked most of her nursing years in the Home Health and Hospice field. Recently Shirley has begun to work for one of the local insurance agencies and is enjoying working in an office rather that doing all the driving that her pervious jobs have required. We have one son who is living in the area. It is nice to have him and his wife close enough to be able to visit with them and their three children on a regular basis.

Shirley and I live a little ways out of town on two acres where we are able to enjoy our many animal friends (dogs, cats, birds, and horses). Sometimes life seems to only consist of Eating, Sleeping and Going to Work! … but we do find time to get away and enjoy God’s beautiful nature. We belong to the Adventist Horseman’s Association and enjoy the opportunity to camp with other Christian families who appreciate horses and the out of doors. Each summer we have been able to take a week of vacation and participate in the AHA Cowboy Camp Meeting.

We have been blessed with good friends and family. We’ve had the privilege of ministering in the beautiful state of Oregon. But most of all, we are looking forward to our Lord’s soon return that we might all be able to enjoy the beauty of God’s nature and the fellowship of good friends for evermore.

Pastor Greg and Shirley Middlestetter