Baptistry Stained Glass

Church member, Ron Wilson, had a desire to give to the Eugene church a gift of appreciation for the financial assistance that the congregation gave to his parent’s family – which in turn allowed himself and his children to have an Adventist Christian education.  The gift to the church was this beautiful three-paneled depiction of the New Jerusalem which resides behind our baptistry.  Ron designed and assembled this stained glass work.   Much of the glass was collected by Ron over many years prior to the creation of this art work.   Many pieces of glass came from other stained glass works from old churches and other buildings – some of which were in Europe.  Many of the styles of glass used are one-of-a-kind and impossible to replace or duplicate.

The window is illuminated from behind.  There are many small features that can be appreciated only when you observe this work from a close proximity.  When the rear illumination is turned off the window takes on another totally unique look.  It continues to shine and glow  – reflecting any existing light in some very interesting ways.

A beautiful stained glass that is only a dim reminder of the beauties God has in store for us in the literal New Jerusalem He is preparing for us!